City Rush Final Cut

This is the final cut of our media piece and your able to see the minor changes we have made from the previous video which will then benefit us in the future as we would be able to further develop this then it already is but for now it is as good as it could be for our ability.


Final Cut

Well after the first cut had just been a guideline to follow so that our group could point out the faults and the positive aspects of 'City Rush' which could never have been perfect on the first try.

The problems that we had noticed in the first cut were just slight changes to one of these was the sound at the end of the film, instead of having it fade out in sound to the sounds of a train which just didn't seem to fit the scene, so we substituted it for some sirens giving some sense of a cliffhanger.

The reason we wanted to have a cliffhanger was because we could only do two minutes of the film so our intentions from the start were to make people want to carry on watching if we were able to do a full feature length, this then makes our film begin to look more realistic for the short clip.

The film seems to fit well with the music that we have chosen it seems to have a certain sense of melodramatic tension as the terrorist is silent and does not speak, reason being is because sometimes this can break the mystery we have created with our actor performance.

In conclusion to the first cut we can clearly say that the second has benefit us in some way making it unique to the other groups pieces which makes it stand out rather then be the same kind of thing, our genre was action and i believe we met all the criteria for this.


City Rush Criticism

The first cut of the movie was set more as a guideline rather then the final piece this is so that we're able to come back and see what we can do to improve instead of leaving the video as it was because of some of the problems.

The video was one of the most troubling things to edit as it had quite alot of shots to put together which over the period of time they each gathered together quite well how ever with each shot it was quite long, and had to be cut by a fair bit.

Once we had found out which shots we want in the piece and which we didn't it was a simple case of trial and error trying to work out which will be best for the media piece and the parts that were irrelevant.

As the video looks quite well we could have improved in quite alot of places an example would be the titles they could have been moved into a better time on the video, also the ending there is a train sound which shoulndt be there, so now we have our first cut completed we will now begin on the second cut for the media piece


First Cut



This would be the look we're going for when we film on wednesday we will be using a similar briefcase how ever it will not be filled with pipes as the example because we will not be seeing the contents of the breifcase.



Well our group has now been hit hard by the loss of a member who's left the group and set us back quite abit with our plans to film the project we also have lost the actor that would play the driver in our media piece, this ment that there were changes that needed to be made which involved changing the story and location.

Our group now has now planned to start filming on a train this wednesday because of the loss of a member we are now to move in the right direction possotively, our terrorist plot still stands apart from the location being on a train instead and there being a briefcase bomb involved.

The plot now is to have our actor get ready and a picture of a briefcase which has the blue prints of a bomb next to it this will then switch to the terrorist entering the train holding the briefcase, there will be a few shots on board the train which will eventually lead to the breifcase being left on the train as the terrorist exits leaving mystery and anxiety of the audience.